【#SendagayaLanguageSchool】The First Calligraphy of the New Year, “Kakizome”

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As the first activity of the new year, the first calligraphy of the New Year, “Kakizome” in Japanese, was held on 12th January.

     At first, students learned the meaning of “Kakizome” and how to write it. Then, they chose kanji characters they liked and practiced them.

     During the practice, the teacher held the brush and carefully guided the students on how to write. Although many of the students were participating in calligraphy for the first time, they wrote beautiful kanji that expressed their individual personalities and ideas. 

Some students wrote characters with originality surpassing their calligraphy frame.

     Through this activity, students got to learn that the New Year’s calligraphy “Kakizome” is an important tradition to write their New Year’s resolutions and goals. They were also able to improve their language skills by explaining the kanji they had chosen and interacting with the Japanese attending the Japanese teacher’s training course and classmates of different nationalities.