【#Sendagaya Language School】Business-related Japanese language classes (1)

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At Sendagaya Language School, we offer a variety of Japanese language lessons and support according to learners’ learning purposes. This time we would like to introduce our business-related Japanese lessons.

If you are asked about what is required if someone wants to find a job in Japan, probably many people will answer “business Japanese”. The Japanese expressions required in business situations, such as how to answer the phone, how to speak at business meetings, how to make appointments, and how to write business e-mails, are different from those used in daily life. At Sendagaya Language School, students who have reached the intermediate level of Japanese or above can learn these skills at business Japanese classes.

In addition to Japanese language expression, the school also cultivates students’ understanding of Japanese corporate culture, teaches them how to write entry sheets and self-promote, helps them to practice business manners, holds job seminars, and has students have individual meetings with advisors.